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Magic Assemble

Description: One does not simply find the best Magic app on the market. But you have! Magic Assemble includes a ton of awesome features for Magic the Gathering! First of all, a stunning life points counter, with wonderful stuff like poison counters, animated background and dices! Everything you can expect from a counter. Magic Assemble can also synchronize your game statistics across all your devices! Then you can consult your count of victories, or the number of times you have played with a black deck. You can use the app on your smartphone, and retrieve your statistics later on your tablet. It's really simple, and even works offline! And if you love achievements, you will be amazed by Magic Assemble, which include a lot of unlockable achievements for your games! Become the king Goblins, the Lord of Goats, or Master of dragons, and share your game with your friends. You can also access other apps like Magic Tokens or Magic Planes in one touch from Magic Assemble! A lot of amazing stuff around Magic the Gathering is available! Magic Assemble is free, and does not contain any ad. Just enjoy the game! You are welcome to send feedback and suggestions. Magic Assemble is now available online on the Chrome web store:

Developer: Aerilys

Developer site:

Developer e-mail:

Developer adres: 34 rue du nouveau bois 37550 Saint Avertin

Menu to open an app directly during a game
Feature to resume a game
Better loading of opponent's profile
New Achievements
Fix for Android 2.x
Fix for profile stats
Add an option to disable the background animation


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