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Magic Counter

Description: Magic Counter is the best app to manage your life points during your Magic The Gathering games! Customize the app to play with your friends, up to 4 players. Search through Gatherer database and play epic battles! Roll dices and change the app background to improve your experience! And it's entirely free! You're welcome to send feedback and suggestions.

Developer: Aerilys

Developer site:

Developer e-mail:

Developer adres: 34 rue du nouveau bois 37550 Saint Avertin

Brand new 2.0 version! Our goblins have worked hard to bring you new options and an improved look!


Magic Life Counter

Track your life with this handy, super clean MtG life counter app!

Magic MTG Life Counter

Life counter for the trading card game, Magic The Gathering.-Up to Eight players

MTG Life Counter

2-Player Life Counter for Magic The Gathering with optional poison-counter.

Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks is a free mobile application with lots of revealed Magic Tricks

Magic Card Tricks

Become an Amazing Magician! Magic Card Tricks will show you how.

My Magic

This application is illusion and magic machine for magicians

Latest Magic Tricks In Hindi

Latest Magic Tricks In Hindi is excellent app will help to know MagicTricks

Magic Fluids Free

Smoke and water simulation in your pocket! Physics based app and live wallpaper.

Free Magic Spells (Astrology)

Hundreds of free magic spells for love, money, and protection;

Learn Magic Tricks

Learn Magic Tricks is a free application with thousand of Magic Tricks videos.

Coin Magic Tricks

Get Started to Learn Coin Magic Tricks Easy And Advanced!

Black Magic Spells

Use black magic for your own benefit. It is more powerful than white magic.

Magic Music Flute

Magic Flute Music is an amazing application for all music lovers

Best Magic Tricks

Lean magic tricks easy and free cards coins street tricks

Fingerpaint Magic

Experience the magic of finger painting and create amazing works of art!

Card Magic Tricks

Impress your friends with cool card magic tricks.

Magic Wand

Imitates a magic wand


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Fire Crow

If you are doing some rounds of magic but don't have count down dice this app works for small or big games. It does not do anything fancy nor have poison counters but it gets the job done.

Angela Manning

This is a great counter for magic! I use it all the time!

Lol xd rawr I wish 2 die lmao

Lester Padilla