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U-48 Submarine Commander Free

Description: Submarine game. Take control of a uboat U-48 and patrol the North Atlantic. Hunt Allied convoys and avoid escort groups. Return to Kiel bunkier to load torpedoes and upgrade your uboat. Patrol report: 1203 Grid 42 Reached patrol area 2230 Grid 42 Ship spotted, bearing 080 2238 Grid 42 Visual contact, medium cargo ship 2243 Grid 42 3 bow torpedoes fired 2244 Grid 42 First explosion 2245 Grid 42 Second explosion, ship sunk Rules on

Developer: InvertBit

Developer site:

Developer e-mail:

Developer adres: None

Version 1.15
1. Convoys:
In the patrol mode you can encounter convoys. In one convoy there are two or three ships. You can get extra points only when you destroy all ships in the convoy.
2. The ships move slower.
Version 1.19
"Package file was not signed correctly" - fixed.


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Eric Gilbert

This reminds me of when I would play games on a computer in the 80's. Every other game I have loaded of the Play Store is Much, much better.

Vortex Spinner

A nice game that's not too hectic, like a game of chess on a lazy afternoon. A good game to play before bedtime (makes you sleepy).

Alan C. Wilson

Good time kill, needs few weapon and graphic updates though

Del Geslani

This game is so simple and cool...