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Ultimate Flash Alerts

Description: Get flash alerts on every time you get call, SMS and notification. Every time when you get a call or other notification LED light of your camera will start blinking and you will know that you are getting a call or other notification especially when your phone is silent or kept in the dark. Ultimate Flash Alerts uses camera LED light and make blinking signals while your device is ringing or new notification message is received. You can adjust the blinking of flashlight. You can save your phone's battery by disabling flashlight automatically when your phone's battery is low. Features: ***** Flash alert on Incoming Call ***** Flash alert on Incoming SMS ***** Flash alert on other notifications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc ***** Flash alert on Incoming Call without ringtone ***** Flash alert on Incoming SMS without text tone ***** Adjust flashlight blinking ***** Test flashlight from app New Features: ***** Incoming call page to provide more information about caller ***** Manage Flash Alert by Ringing Mode ***** Manage Flash Alert by Time ***** Manage Flash Alert on Incoming Call by Contacts ***** Manage Flash Alert on Incoming SMS by Contacts ***** Manage Flash Alert on Notification by Apps - We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistics to help us improve the app. Please email us If you have any problem or complain or suggestions at . We will take necessary steps asap. Get the brightest LED flash alerts on every notifications. Download Now!!

Developer: Iris Studios and Services

Developer site: None

Developer e-mail:

Developer adres: 403 C2 Vatika City, Sector 49 Gurugram, India

Ultimate Flash Light Alerts on CALL, SMS and Notifications is proud to reach 4 Million + users and appreciate your feedback. Thank you for choosing us.
We strive to make this app better. This release brings new functionality based on user feedback.
The major changes are:
➤ "Touch here to stop flash" option removed - Now get flash alert without obstruction.
➤ Enable/disable option to "Get Caller information with Flash Alerts" on Incoming Calls.
➤ Reduced Ads.


Flash Alerts 2

Flash blinks when you got a call, a text and a notification.

Flash on Call and SMS

Brightest LED flash alerts when have Call,SMS or notification, flash on call

Flash Light Alerts

LED flashlight alerts for all your notification needs!!

Flash Alert : Call & Sms

Receive flash alert on incoming call and sms with this free app.

Flash alert

Simple, Best Flash alert on Call and Flash alert on SMS message for android

Color Flash Alert on CALL &SMS

Flash Alerts On Call And SMS for Android, fast blinking alert flash light color!

Flash Alerts

Flash alerts for a Incoming call or text message

Automatic Flash On Call & SMS

Fantastic Free Flash on call and sms alert application.

Flash Alerts LED - Call, SMS

Customize LED flash alert notifications for phone calls, sms (text), and email!

Flash Notification 2

Flash Notification 2 is more simple, easy, powerful than previous version.


The Torchlight is a bright, lasting, convenient and free torch light app

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Ultimate Background Eraser

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TextO Pro - Write on Photos

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Phone Finder - on Clap

Find your lost phone with ease by just a double clap.

StandOut - Artsy Photo Effects

Simple, Elegant and Impressive.

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Photo Blur Effects - Variety

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Ultimate Screen Recorder

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Harley Quinn

I've downloaded many apps to try to get the flash notification and this is the only one that works and I'm so happy for it.I recommend it to anyone who wants or needs a flash notification on their Android phone.👍💯💯😀

Keeps me from forgetting things I can't do right away. Very flexible.

Scott Geddes

It does exactly what it says have no problems highly recommend it.

Tana P Miles

Had it for over a year Android r getting better and better👍

Kern Alexander

It should be able to flash during call without custom call screen

It Was Working Perfectly 😊For A While But Suddenly It Stopped Working 😫