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Unicorn Adventures

Description: Unicorn Adventures is a magical and funny game for both children and adults. Take your cute little sweety Unicorn Horse on an adventure down a fun slide but don’t forget to JUMP to avoid lots of obstacles in this popular kids game, this game is similar to many other games like: the adventures of tintin, tintin movies, super unicorns, unicorn adventure, fun unicorn game..... Collect as many strawberries and sweets as you can and dash, ride and jump over all obstacles in this fabulous adventure land. How to play? Let the Unicorn jump to avoid obstacles like trees, bombs or even aliens (remember that every world has completely different features). Collect strawberries on your way to make sure that your Unicorn has plenty of energy to jump and let you explore the most amazing places on Earth! This fun Jump and Run is an addictive old school arcade jungle adventure game, don't forget to enjoy your journey

Developer: Labid Sani

Developer site: None

Developer e-mail:

Developer adres: None



Horse Runner

This game makes you wonder in dream- IGN

Temple Unicorn Run 3D

Let The Unicorn Fly With Wings…!!

Jetpack Unicorn Dash

Jetpack Rainbow Unicorn Dash Adventure for all ages.

Dark horse run

Would you like to take part in the challenging adventure with the Dark horse

Magic Unicorn In The Wild

Anything can happen in this wonderland! The majestic horse is NOT just a legend!

Horse Unicorn Dash Pony Attack

Fly to a new dreamland and fall in love with your brand new adventure game.

Little Unicorn Run Dash

Fun Rainbow Pony Unicorn Run, Jamp an Dash.the best little horse racing game.

Unicorn Survival Simulator 3D

Save the World of Magic and stop the enemies with Unicorn Survival Simulator 3D!

Super Unicorn Dash

Super Unicorn's Dash is a magical adventure side-scrolling unicorn platformer


Survival from enemies. The best game for girls and boys.

Cute Flappy Unicorn

Cute Flappy Unicorn

Help the baby pony unicorn to jump over obstacles

Unicorn Fantasy Run 3D

An endless journey in a fantasy world with your favorite unicorn.

Unicorn Games for girl

free pony unicorn dash horse run game for girl and Kids

Unicorn Sky World

Run fly & avoid enemies in the sky world sent by a witch to prevent the Unicorn


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