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User Guide for Facebook

Description: Ultimate User Guide for Facebook. Learn tips, tricks and Social Media Acronyms. This step-by-step Facebook Tutorial explains what every new Facebook user should know to understand how Facebook works. Facebook is the Internet's most widely used social network, with over 1 billion people using it to connect with old friends and meet new ones. People use Facebook to create personal profiles, add other users as "Facebook friends" and share information with them in myriad ways. How Facebook works can be a bit mysterious to new users, but it's all about communication, so learning the network's core communication tools is essential. From this app, you will able to learn these: # Introduction to Facebook # Building Your Profile # Setting Your Privacy Options # Adding Friends and Family # Making and Sharing Posts # Uploading Photos and Video # Creating and Attending Events # Chatting with Facebook Friends # Must-Know Facebook Vocabulary # Social Media Acronyms # More Acronyms # Tips And Tricks For Android

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Voice Commands for Cortana

Comprehensive list of Cortana voice commands for Windows Mobile and Desktop.

Survival Manual

Water, food, shelter, build a fire, first aid, navigation and survival skills.

User Guide of Uber

Get to know essential tips and tricks of Uber. Become a power User of Uber.

Hero5 User Guide - GoPro

GoPro Hero5 User Guide. Learn essential tips and tricks from this tutorial.

Container Gardening

Everything you need to know about Container Gardening with essential tips.

Offline Survival Guide

Survive and thrive at Nowhere. Offline Survival Guide for all.

User Guide of Evernote

Make Yourself an Evernote Master. Learn Essential tips and tricks of Evernote.

Commands and Tips for Siri

Siri Voice Commands, Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features you need to know.

Surah Yasin - সূরা ইয়াসীন

Surah Yasin Bangla । সূরা ইয়াসিনের তেলাওয়াত, বাংলা উচ্চারণ এবং অর্থ।

Adhan MP3

Adhan MP3 with English Transliteration and Translation. Dua to Say After Adhan.

Surah Ar-Rahman সূরা আর-রাহমান

Surah Ar Rahman Bangla, MP3 . বাংলায় সূরা আর-রাহমান। বাংলা উচ্চারণ এবং অর্থ।

Mastering Dropbox

Become a Dropbox Master. Learn essential Dropbox tips and tricks.

Tips for Moto 360

Awesome Moto 360 Tips and Tricks with. Moto 360 user guide.


How to install Apps on the MI LED Smart TV 4/4A

This video shows step by step process on how to install third-party apps like YouTube, Netflix, Movie HD and many more. Don't forget to LIKE, SHARE ...

Android Keytool v1.0 User Guide

You want to integrate your Android app with Facebook Android SDK, Google Play Services or Firebase. - With Facebook, you need to config key hash. You can ...

Nissan Connect Qashqai Tutorial

Bekijk in deze film hoe Nissan Connect werkt in de nieuwe Nissan Qashqai!


Samsung just launched the new Gear Sport and I got a little hands-on time with it and think I've figured it out at this point so here's my complete walkthrough of ...

Discover Tips & Hacks of ZY Play to Make Full Use - A Complete App Operational Guide

The ZY Play APP works not only as an assistant app for basic settings and firmware upgrade on Zhiyun stabilizers, but also connects your handset to the ...