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Description: The new community for Minecraft Pocket Edition! ★ Features ★ ☆ Download Maps, Mods, Skins and Texture Packs... ☆ ...or upload your own ☆ Check out awesome Seeds or add your own ☆ Play on big MCPE multiplayer Servers ☆ Pixel Editor ☆ Create Skins or Texture Packs ★ Skin Creator ★ ☆ Create new Skins from scratch ☆ Edit existing from your sdcard ☆ Steal Skins from other players using their Username ☆ Upload them to your account ☆ or apply them to Minecraft PE with just one click! ★ Texture Pack Creator ★ ☆ Create new Texture Packs from scratch ☆ Edit existing from your sdcard ☆ Install them to BlockLauncher or MCPE Master with 1 click! ★ Tuner/Options Editor ★ ☆ Enable hidden options, night vision and skinny arms ☆ Make your username colored ☆ Change flat world generation layers ★ Important ★ This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

Developer: Team

Developer site:

Developer e-mail:

Developer adres: None

From now on you get a notification every time someone replies to your comments. Keep the conversation going!
Non-beta MCPE versions (older than 1.0.5 can create Resource Packs again)
Make sure the File Storage Location in MCPE is set to 'External'.
We also fixed some crazy bugs.
We would love to hear from your! Feel free to report bugs by tweeting us @UTKio or sending an email to :)


Master for Minecraft-Launcher

Download and Import maps, texture, skins, seeds and mods for MCPE for free

Skin Editor for Minecraft

Make/Create/Edit skins and install them on Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)


a custom Minecraft PE launcher that loads patches, texture packs, and mods.

Toolbox for Minecraft: PE

With this mod you can give yourself items, change gamemode and much more!

Skins for Minecraft PE

Works for Minecraft Pocket Edition & PC Edition

Skin Editor 3D for Minecraft

Create/Make/Edit Minecraft skins and install them on Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Blockman Multiplayer for Minecraft

Create or Join Multiplayer Servers for Free. PinkSheep & RageElixir Recommend!

Pixelmon Mod for minecraft

this a mod to play like it be pokemon

MOD-MASTER for Minecraft PE

MOD-MASTER for Minecraft PE is a mcpe master for mods, maps and servers.

Skins for Minecraft 2

Fast Minecraft Skins

Baby Girl Skins for Minecraft

100 mini baby girls skins for Minecraft

World of Skins

Biggest collection of the Skins for Minecraft with Skin Editor

Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

App supports multiple texture pack for minecraft pe 1.0.*

Skins for Minecraft PE

Big collection of the best skins for Minecraft Pocket Edition + Skin Editor

PvP Skins for Minecraft PE

3300 PvP Skins for Minecraft PE - Be Stronger with us.

1600 Mapas para Minecraft PE

1600 best free maps for Minecraft PE. Download and install easily🚀


How to Make Skins for MCPE on Android! |UTK.IO|

How to Make Skins for MCPE on Android! Search "" on Google Play Store or The App store. |Tags| utk io, skins, Minecraft, Minecraft PE, Android, make ...

How to create your very own MCPE Texture Pack! (Android Only)

Download in the Google Play Store to create your own texture pack!

Minecraft PE | Custom Texture Packs in MCPE (No File Manager, No Blocklauncher) | Tutorial W/ DF

Hello guys! This thing works for Android only. So if you are using iOS, then this video is useless. This tutorial shows you how to use and delete your downloaded ...

Textures for Minecraft PE - Android

ANDROID - Download app: Do you want custom textures for your game ...


I removed Block Launcher If enjoyed HIT THAT LIKE button booss-style:-P _____Links_____ ...


Calico Cat

I love this app but can you make it to were you can also change animals texure cause that needed that. Also can you plz unlock that map color thing already cause i have been waiting until i got 14 followers and 34 likes plz make that happen and other things you should have thought about. And one more thing whats weird is that one of the followers is someones in my family. This app makes minecraft a cool experience for me

Itz Sophia

It's a good app, but once I started using it my tablet got SIX (6) viruses! What?!? I don't even know what happened, so I had to reboot my device and now it's all good. I will be reinstalling the app and hopefully it will not do the same thing again. :) EDIT: What the heck?! I downloaded Wildwood Hills and when I checked if the map was there all my other maps were gone! Ehhhhhh? So I rebooted my tab again. Third time downloading this. If it does it again, no more downloading again. EDIT: I don't know if you fixed it but it's okay now :)

Slimeh - Gaming

Love the app but theres a big problem. When i convert texture packs from pc to pe (thats the main reason i use this app and i love it alot for that reason because i havent seen any other app do alike) the armour doesnt work properly. Like when i equip it, it changes it to the default texture. I checked my files and the actual texture pack (before converted) had the models file in it which have the armour in it, and the converted texture pack file does not have it so it basically removes that file when converting. Which then causes its texture to go back to default. Thats not very good because alot of players do multiplayer and the one main thing you see on them is armour. Id like it if the armour looked really cool like in the texture pack but its the default texture. Please fix this problem. Thanks -slimeh


I love creating resource packs and skins on this app. I liked it. Just one more thing, why can't I edit my grass block? It looks kinda weird despite it has completely black dirt. How can you change the look of the grass block? Please reply to my message. That would be great. Xxoo

Humberto Martinez

This app is great for skins, downloading maps, etc. The only problem I have is making texture packs. Minecraft already updated on Google play as of version 1.0.4 but you people haven't updated this to support update 1.0.4. Please update this app to support the latest update because whenever I try to make a texture pack, it says "Something went wrong: Minecraft is not up-to-date, not installed, or not valid. Please install it or update it from Google Play Store for the Texture Pack Creator to work."

Shayla Lastname

This app was amazing. Why is it not now? Because of the ads! I could have sealed with it. But every time an ad pops up it crashes the app. This app is a scam of storage and should obviously be taken out of the app store and be replaced with something else if its gonna be this crappy.