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Unit Converter

Description: A simple and friendly unit converter with a clean user interface. It includes a favorites list for easy access to commonly used conversions and a Quick List View for an "at-a-glance" view of all conversions. Over a millions users rely on and trust Unit Converter making it the #1 unit converter for Android. Unit Converter will never contains Ads and includes a currency converter with over 60 currencies. New! Now you can unlock the full list of 169 currencies found in Unit Converter Plus for just $0.99 (USD). This gives you full access to the same 169 currencies if you'd rather not purchase the full Unit Converter Plus. ** Tips & Tricks **: ** You can filter the main list of conversions to only show the ones you want by going to Preferences -> Filter Main List. ** By default when you open the currency screen and it's been over a day since the rates have been downloaded, the app will attempt to download the current rates. You can turn this off by going to Preferences -> Auto Update Currency. ** If you want to delete a particular favorite then on the Favorite conversion list Long-Press the one to delete and a pop-up will allow you to delete it. ** If you would like to copy the output of a conversion Long-Press the result box and a pop-up will allow you to copy it to the clipboard. Then you can Long-Press the input value box and select paste. *** PLUS VERSION INFO *** * If you are looking for more currencies and more features, please consider Unit Converter Plus. It contains over 100 more currencies, several calculators (tip calculator, 4 function calculator, GPS converter) and the ability to add custom units. Please email me with issues ( I can't directly respond to comments ).

Developer: Wopnersoft

Developer site:

Developer e-mail:

Developer adres: P.O. Box 14075 Spokane, Wa 99216

* Added several requested units
* Improved Russian translation (thanks Oleg)


Unit Converter

No.1 unit and currency converter with easy and simple UI.

Unit Converter

Simple unit conversion application for common users.

Unit Converter

2000+ units in 90 categories. High quality. Favorite categories and units.

Unit Converter Pro Plus

Unit Converter Pro - Handy unit conversion application.

Unit Converter

This unit converter is the most intuitive and easy to use.

All Unit Converter

Convert any unit on the spot

Video to MP3 Converter

Convert your local videos to MP3 or AAC format with this application

Video Converter, Video Compressor - VidCompact

A powerful video converter & compressor,Featured by Google Play in 161 Countries


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Unit Converter

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David Smocot

Overall - a good app, but not all the phones have a big device storage, so some users would prefer to move this app to an SD card. It would be nice to remain there when the updates are installed, like other apps. Could you please look into this and fix it? Thank you.

Mohamad Mansour

I like this app so much, it includes all measuring units, i suggest to add how to convert from dBm to dBW or Watt.

Arthur Frilingos

Love how this app is on my phone. Typically throughout my day I need to deal with differing dimensions. Having an easy converter handy in my pocket makes it so convenient. 👍

Me Here

Does it convert rotational speeds eg rpm to rps to revs per hour to Radians etc, thanxxx

I have used this for couple of years and have had no issues. Probably use it a couple of times a month for various conversions and it has never let me down.

Very well made, easy to use and has a lot of great features. Perfect app for my needs. Thank you and God bless.