"...what a fantastic job you did with our DVD, we have had numerous screenings now with all different family and friend groups and it has gone down an absolute storm! Just the way that you've cut it all together, and how you chose to put the music over it, it's absolutely perfect! Just what we wanted! And just the right length, you really have done us proud!"

 "Our wedding DVD is perfect! Thankyou so much! The way you've put it together is fantastic, it's just what we wanted!..."

 "Thankyou so much for our wedding DVD, we love it! It's everything we wanted, the way you've synced the music up works perfectly and the footage you captured has been put together so beautifully. Once again, thankyou, we'll definitely be recommending you to our friends!..."

 Music Videos

"....THAT WAS HOT!!!!!! I love how you've integrated the footage! You SO kick ass!!!! Synced beautifully as well!"

 "Wow, it's awesome! We love it! Thankyou so much!!"

Other Videos

 ".....thankyou for everything! The documentary is amazing!!! We all absolutely love it! "

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